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PREFACE. - A Political Retrospect on Greece. - The Hostility of the Great European Powers towards Greece Since the Establishment of the Greek Kingdom. - Pacifico Affair and Lord Palmerston. - Cretan Insurrections. - Latest War. - Greece's Future

CHAPTER I. - An Historical Sketch of Greek. - Relation of the Greek of To-day to the Greek of the Attic Orators. - Exposure of many Erroneous Views which have been Prevailing until Recently

CHAPTER II. - Proper Pronounciation of Greek. - The Only True Historical Pronounciation is the One of the Greeks of To-day; the Erasmian is Arbitrary, Unscientific, is a Monstrosity

CHAPTER III. - The Byzantines. - Misrepresentations in Regard to Byzantine History. - Our Gratitude due to the Byzantine Empire

CHAPTER IV. - The Greeks under Turkish Bondage. - The Misery into which the Greek World was Thrown during the Centuries of Turkish Bondage, the Wonderful Rising of the Greek People from the Lethargy caused by Slavery, and their Spiritual and Political Resurrection

CHAPTER V. - The Greek War of Independence, and the European Powers. - The most Incomprehensible Wrongs Done to the Heroic Greek Race by the Powers while it was Struggling for Liberty after Long Centuries of Terrific Vicissitudes, under Circumstances which Presented More Difficulties than any Other Nation had Encountered. - Philhellenism

CHAPTER VI. - The Kingdom of Greece before the War of 1897. - Continuation of the Hostility towards the Greeks Since a Part, Part Only of the Nation was Set Free

CHAPTER VII. - Greek as the International Language of Physicians and Scholars in General. - The Necessity of Introducing Better Methods of Teaching Greek in Schools in Order that Greek may become the International Language of Scholars

EPILOGUE. - Calumniations Against the Greeks of To-day and the Refutation of These