BY DR. ACHILLES ROSE, Honorary Member of the Medical Society of Athens. Member of the Committee on Nomenclature of the Medical Society of Athens.

G. E. STECHERT &COMPANY, 151-155 West 25th Street, New York. Price, $1.00.

Dr. James P. Warbasse of Brooklyn, N. Y., wrote concerning this book: "I am much in sympathy with your efforts to secure more uniformity and correctness in our medical words. While you may not be wholly satisfied with the results which you are able to secure or with the reception which your work has received at the hands of your colleagues, still it is continually bearing fruit. The campaign which you have carried on has awakened a general and widespread interest in the matter, and is bound to accomplish great good. I have read with much interest your correspondence with the Academy of Medicine. It shows an admirable persistent enthusiasm on one hand and a successful postponing diplomacy on the other."

"For the work done by you, your name will be praised by generations."

In order to understand the onomatology question in medicine as it stands at present one has to read this book.