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The Conspiracy of Cylon. - Loss of Salamis. - First Appearance of Solon. - Success against the Megarians in the Struggle for Salamis. - Cirrhaean War. - Epimenides. - Political State of Athens. - Character of Solon. - His Legislation. - General View of the Athenian Constitution.

The Departure of Solon from Athens. - The Rise of Pisistratus. - Return of Solon. - His Conduct and Death. - The Second and Third Tyranny of Pisistratus. - Capture of Sigeum. - Colony in the Chersonesus founded by the first Miltiades. - Death of Pisistratus.

Remarks on the Effects of War. - State of Athens. - Interference of Sparta with respect to the Fortifications of Athens. - Dexterous Conduct of Themistocles. - The New Harbour of the Piraeus. - Proposition of the Spartans in the Amphictyonic Council defeated by Themistocles. - Allied Fleet at Cyprus and Byzantium. - Pausanias. - Alteration in his Character. - His ambitious Views and Treason. - The Revolt of the Ionians from the Spartan Command. - Pausanias recalled. - Dorcis replaces him. - The Athenians rise to the Head of the Ionian League.

The Administration of Hippias. - The Conspiracy of Harmodius and Aristogiton. - The Death of Hipparchus. - Cruelties of Hippias. - The young Miltiades sent to the Chersonesus. - The Spartans Combine with the Alcmaeonidae against Hippias. - The fall of the Tyranny. - The Innovations of Clisthenes. - His Expulsion and Restoration. - Embassy to the Satrap of Sardis. - Retrospective View of the Lydian, Medean, and Persian Monarchies. - Result of the Athenian Embassy to Sardis. - Conduct of Cleomenes. - Victory of the Athenians against the Boeotians and Chalcidians. - Hippias arrives at Sparta.

Popularity and Policy of Cimon. - Naxos revolts from the Ionian League. - Is besieged by Cimon. - Conspiracy and Fate of Pausanias. - Flight and Adventures of Themistocles. - His Death.

Histiaeus, Tyrant of Miletus, removed to Persia. - The Government of that City deputed to Aristagoras, who invades Naxos with the aid of the Persians. - Ill Success of that Expedition. - Aristagoras resolves upon Revolting from the Persians. - Repairs to Sparta and to Athens. - The Athenians and Eretrians induced to assist the Ionians. - Burning of Sardis. - The Ionian War. - The Fate of Aristagoras. - Naval Battle of Lade. - Fall of Miletus. - Reduction of Ionia. - Miltiades. - His Character. - Mardonius replaces Artaphernes in the Lydian Satrapy. - Hostilities between Aegina and Athens.

Reduction of Naxos. - Actions off Cyprus. - Manners of Cimon. - Improvements in Athens. - Colony at the Nine Ways. - Siege of Thasos. - Earthquake in Sparta. - Revolt of Helots, Occupation of Ithome, and Third Messenian War. - Rise and Character of Pericles. - Prosecution and Acquittal of Cimon. - The Athenians assist the Spartans at Ithome. - Thasos Surrenders. - Breach between the Athenians and Spartans. - Constitutional Innovations at Athens. - Ostracism of Cimon.

The Persian Generals enter Europe. - Invasion of Naxos, Carystus, Eretria. - The Athenians Demand the Aid of Sparta. - The Result of their Mission and the Adventure of their Messenger. - The Persians advance to Marathon. - The Plain Described. - Division of Opinion in the Athenian Camp. - The Advice of Miltiades prevails. - The Dream of Hippias. - The Battle of Marathon.

War between Megara and Corinth. - Megara and Pegae garrisoned by Athenians. - Review of Affairs at the Persian Court. - Accession of Artaxerxes. - Revolt of Egypt under Inarus. - Athenian Expedition to assist Inarus. - Aegina besieged. - The Corinthians defeated. - Spartan Conspiracy with the Athenian Oligarchy. - Battle of Tanagra. - Campaign and Successes of Myronides. - Plot of the Oligarchy against the Republic. - Recall of Cimon. - Long Walls completed. - Aegina reduced. - Expedition under Tolmides. - Ithome surrenders. - The Insurgents are settled at Naupactus.

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