Ancient History

The general consent of mankind points to the region of Central Asia as having been the original seat from which the human race dispersed itself over the globe and accordingly, it is this region, and especially the western portion of it, which we find to have been the theatre of the earliest recorded transaction's. In short, it was in Central Asia that the first large mass of ripened humanity was accumulated - a great central nucleus of human life, so to speak, constantly enlarging, and from which emissaries incessantly streamed out over the globe in all directions. In process of time this great central mass having swollen out till it filled Asia and Africa, broke up into three fragments - thus giving parentage to the three leading varieties into which ethnographers divide the human species - the Caucasian, the Mongolian, and the Ethiopian or Negro - the Caucasians overspreading southern and western Asia the Mongolians overspreading northern and eastern Asia and the Ethiopians overspreading Africa. From these three sources streamed forth branches which, intermingling in various proportions, have constituted the various nations of the earth.

Differing from each other in physiological characteristics, the three great varieties of the human species have also differed widely in their historical career. The germs of a grand progressive development seem to have been implanted specially in the Caucasian variety, the parent stock of all the great civilized nations of ancient and modern times. History, therefore, concerns itself chiefly with this variety in the evolution of whose destinies the true thread of human progress is to be found. Ere proceeding, however, to sketch the early development of this highly-endowed variety of our species in the nations of antiquity, a few observations may be offered regarding the other two the Ethiopian and Mongolian - which began the race of life along with the Caucasian, and whose destinies, doubtless, whatever may have been their historical functions hitherto, are involved in some profound and beautiful manner with the bearing of the race as a whole.